Signing Up As a New Provider

Find your practice code, open Google Chrome and navigate to

Creating a New Provider 

  1. Open google chrome and go to
  2. Click on “Don’t have a Provider account? Sign up”


Complete the registration information

  1. Practice Code - This will be the name of the practice.The administration will give the practice code o distribute to medical staff.
  2. Fill out each line
  3. Click on “Sign up”


Check your email for Verification

  1. The email will come from “Ortholive”
  2. Copy the Password. To copy this, you can highlight the password and right click on the mouse and select “copy”
  3. Click on “VERIFY”


Login to practice

  1. Enter in your Username - the email address that you registered with
  2. Enter in the password from the verification email. To paste this email, right click on the password box and click on “Paste”
  3. Click on “Login”


Change your password

  1. Click on the drop-down arrows to the right of you name
  2. Click on “Change Password”


Enter in the Password information

  1. Old Password
  2. New Password
  3. Confirm New Password
  4. Click on “Submit”