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A patient can't see their appointment in the app.

A patient says they are able to log into the app but it does not show an appointment. They are frustrated because they have scheduled an appointment with the practice.

This is a good indicator that there is a duplicate account. If they are able to login it probably means there is another email address out there registered to their name. 

  • Go into the Ortholive system and click on the patient list. Use the search bar to look up their name.  Usually you will see 2 names for the same person show up (first verify that the address and DOB match). 
  • Go to the “appointment list” and search the patient's name.  Write down the email address associated with this account.
  • Turn off the patient (the blue toggle on the right hand side under “actions” in “patient list”) registered to the email address NOT associated with the appointment. 
  • Ask the patient for their valid email address. If it matches the one in the appointment, then tell them to enter this into the login field on the app.  If not, edit under the patient tab so that it is correct.  From here they will be able to login.