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Common Problems & Quick Solutions

Common problems and quick solutions to go over before calling our Customer Support. Patients call with problems that seem to be very complex but oftentimes there is a quick fix.

Download a PDF Guide to Keep In Your Practice

Patients call with problems that seem to be very complex but oftentimes there is a quick fix.  A lot of errors we see are human error meaning information has been input incorrectly. Please be extra careful when spelling patients names, inputting their email address and mobile phone number. If these are correct everything will go much smoother. 

Helpful Tips:

  • Have your MA’s, office administrators, or whomever might be fielding these calls download the OrthoLive patient app.  Have your office admin create a fake patient account so you see what the patient is looking at. This really helps.
  •  Tell the patient before the appointment starts to check off the 3 Telemedicine forms, and press agree before tapping the waiting room icon 5 min before the appointment. 

Problem 1: A patient says they are able to log into the app but it does not show an appointment.  They are disgruntled because they have scheduled an appointment with the practice.

This is a good indicator that there is a duplicate account. If they are able to login it probably means there is another email address out there registered to their name. 

  1. Go into the Ortholive system and click on the patient list. Use the search bar to look up their name.  Usually you will see 2 names for the same person show up (first verify that the address and DOB match). 
  2. Go to the “appointment list” and search the patient's name.  Write down the email address associated with this account.
  3. Turn off the patient (the blue toggle on the right hand side under “actions” in “patient list”) registered to the email address NOT associated with the appointment.
  4. Ask the patient for their valid email address. If it matches the one in the appointment, then tell them to enter this into the login field on the app.  If not, edit under the patient tab so that it is correct. 
  5. From here they will be able to login. 

Problem 2: A patient says they never received an email or a text message from Ortholive. 

Text: Ask them if the number in the system is a landline or mobile number. It is important to note that the number must be a mobile # to receive a text.

Email: First ask them to check their spam folder (many times the email will be sent here).  If it’s not, check for their name under the appointments list after you have “cleared the filter” so it doesn’t show you the appointments only for today. 

  •  If you cannot find them, this means they have not been registered for an appointment or their name has been misspelled (please try searching by last name or by first name only to eliminate this possibility).  Create an appointment for them if it’s not a misspelling.
  • If you can find them: read their email address out loud to them and ask if it is correct. If it is, direct them to download the app and log in with this correct email address.  


Problem 3: A patient is struggling or not tech savvy and can’t manage downloading the app onto their phone.

This is OK, the important thing is to get them connected with the provider! Ask them if they have a working desktop or laptop with a video camera.  If so, you can send them an “emergency link” by clicking the little grey man under “Actions” in the appointment list.  This will send a link to the patient's email address.  Tell them to click on the green box that indicates will be used for a desktop or computer.  Inform them that the doctor will come on the video at the time of the appointment. 


Problem 4: The patient is asking for a practice code. 

Stop them immediately and tell them to go back to the first Ortholive page. This is an indicator that they tried to sign up on their own.  Look them up and read off the email that you have listed for them. If it is incorrect go into the patient’s list and edit it there. If it is correct direct the patient to input it underneath the Ortholive logo and above the blue login button.


Problem 5: The patient is having wifi connectivity issues and can’t make their appointment.

Please do not direct this to our customer support team, we cannot fix Wifi as we do not work for Verizon, Comcast.. etc. Tell the patient either to reschedule or to call the doctor with a regular phone call. Again, the goal is to connect the patient to the doctor ASAP.


Problem 6: The patient has forgotten their Apple ID.

Here is the link to reset the Apple ID: 


None of us are Apple support. We just read off the directions to the patients off the site if they’re having issues. 


Problem 7: A patient wants to use their computer instead of the app.

If they are struggling and not familiar with technology, we advise you send them through the emergency link. If not, gently direct them to download the OrthoLive app.  They will receive the best connectivity this way. 


We have a patient step by step sheet that should be sent out to all patients 24 hours prior to their appointment time.  If you send this out and they read through it, our connectivity will go up significantly.